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Derrick Starks Brings The Gospel To Europe

BMI Award Winning songwriter, producer music director and international workshop clinician Derrick Starks goes into the uttermost parts of the earth with the Gospel.  Starks celebrates the beginning of Spring with news of his composition, Hang On  (recorded by the GEI Mass Choir with Kierra Sheard and featured on the Billboard Top 5 charting CD GEI Live and on the Billboard Number 1 charting WOW Gospel 2018 CD) has received more than 10 million streams to date via YouTube and other streaming platforms.  Starks is elated as he joins Denmark’s Hans Christian Jochimsen, and Germany’s Carmen and Friedemann Wutzer for Gospel Holy Days Workshop and Festival 2019. a 3-day workshop and concert pulling together some 1,000 voices from all over Eastern Europe as they celebrate the joy of raising their voices in song.

“If anyone would have told me that I would be doing this when I started, I would have told them they were crazy”, said Starks.  “This is a great demonstration of how God will open doors and give you opportunities beyond your wildest imaginations. Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men.  You have to have some patience and know your purpose and calling.  I feel there’s a message there for everybody.  Know that you are called, it is alright to be humble and even in the most uncomfortable places, trust that God can take your situation and work it for your good.   We are ambassadors, called and appointed to reach people with the Gospel, and its not a job that we should take lightly.  Gospel music is a true American art form, and to think we have the chance to take what we have and what we treasure and share it on an international platform, uniting people from around the globe?!?!?!?!? I am just grateful to be alive and to have the chance to be used by God at this time in my life.  And I am NOT going by myself, I am taking some people with me.  We have a delegation from the US that makes up the Derrick Starks Family and Friends Choir that will represent the US and Gospel music with the help of the Lord.”

Gospel Holy Days takes place March 29th through the 31st in Zwickau, Germany.  Instruction will be offered via masterclasses for singers and musicians with a grand finale concert on Sunday. Starks returns to the US to put the finishing touches on his long awaited highly anticipated Derrick Starks Family and Friends Choir disc as the single is headed to radio within the coming weeks.

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