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Darwin Hobbs Released from Hospital

We’re rejoicing that on Friday, July 23, 2010, Darwin Hobbs was released from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, where he had been hospitalized for over a week and treated for blood clots in his lungs and legs.

Hobbs looks forward to resting and recuperating at home. While in the hospital, he had upwards to 15-20 people in his room at a time. He also looks forward to resuming the promotion of his new CD, Champion.

“This was in no way something Traci and I expected to walk through, but indeed we are walking through it,” said Darwin. “We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers, calls, emails, tweets, flowers and visits. The fact is I developed blood clots; the truth is that the blood of Jesus never loses its power and it never clots. I am so excited about all God has planned for my future. The lyrics of many of the songs I sing have new meaning today. ‘God Restores’ is not only a song I sing, but it is the story of my life. He has restored my life to me. This temporary pain was the hallway to the door of my next dimension of powerful ministry.”

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