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Curtis Fondren Drops EP

Celebrated songwriter and producer Curtis Fondren follows up the release of his lead single Get Ready with his new EP, You Are My Everything. The EP is full of original music that spans the Gospel music genre including praise and worship,quartet, contemporary and traditional music. The disc will hit digital outlets in mid-December.

“The music in essence is a series of personal truth is reinforced by God’s word that I have lived over the years,”Fondren explains. “God gives you a promise, but between the promise and fulfillment as a valet filled with fear and discouragement. The enemy will come at you with everything he has, just to make you doubt the words that God spoke. It is in those times that you must have something to fall back on the Bible tells us to uplift one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. The songs help me during my dark times. I pray that people are touched by what God has given to me.”

You Are My Everything  features production by Gregory Gay and Curtis Fondren. Guest vocal contributions come from a cadre of modern gospel music interpreters including Tina Brown, San Franklin-Jackson, Felicia Coleman-Evans, Jocelyn Buchanan, Eliana Porter, Yvette Freeman and a notable quartet track featured The Victory Travelers’ Lil Harry. “When I finished writing trust him, Greg and I couldn’t think of anyone else that would do this song justice like Lil Harry would. He came to the studio and just knocked it out of the park. Harry is a true son of quartet and he sings from a place of depth and sincerity. He leads you to believe you have to trust God, even when you can’t trace him.

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