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Betty Griffin Keller Celebrates CD Release

Gospel legend Betty Griffin Keller has enough reasons to sing and shout as So Much To Thank God For, the first single from the debut project of the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir enters the top 100 on radio and the CD hits digital outlets and streaming platforms on September 4th.

“Don’t get me started telling you how good God has been to ME”, exclaims Keller. “God has blessed us with so much, and I am grateful for everything He is doing. I am grateful for the release of this new CD produced by Keith Williams who did an amazing job working with Michael Bereal and the choir. You know, most people remember me from my days with Reverend James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir and after that the James Cleveland Singers. I’ve been working for Jesus for a long time and I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing God’s praises and share messages of hope and encouragement with people all over this nation. This project is near and dear to my heart. We are giving you a little bit of what we get every Sunday from New Macedonia, where my husband Reverend Billie Keller serves as the very fine pastor. You can hear him on the title track Faithful. He is a man of God and he stretches out a little bit on Faithful.”

Award winning producer Jeffrey LaValley offers commendation for the new CD. “Faithful”, the new release from the New Macedonia MB Church Mass Choir featuring the outstanding vocals of Betty Griffin Keller, is an epic choir performance. It is an energetic sound that will take you to church every day of the week without hesitation. Excellence personified.”

Keller is humbled as people still request to hear her signature song You Can Make It. “As we have had the chance to reconnect with radio, I am just in awe of the testimonies around You Can Make It”, says Keller. “ I recorded that song at least 25 years ago and some of the radio stations said they can’t close the show without someone calling and asking them to play it. God is faithful and we are grateful. ”

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