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Antioch Fellowship Church Voices of Praise Make Their Debut

We’ve come to know the Antioch Fellowship Church Voices of Praise because of their stellar work with Evangelist Beverly Crawford on her Billboard chart topping CD Thank You For All You’ve Done.  Now the choir stands readAntioch Fellowshipy to deliver with a project of their very own.  Dr. Karry D. Wesley proudly presents the choir in the form of Speak To My Heart, making its debut on January 15th.  “This anointed group of believers has ministered faithfully to the Antioch family of faith for years,” says Pastor Wesley  “As a result of this choir’s commitment to God and His calling on their life, this project has come to fruition. Now, countless lives will be touch and transformed for the Kingdom of God through these songs, because Music ministers to the heart like none other.”  

The disc features the music of Antioch Fellowship under the auspices of their minister of music Paul Jackson coupled with guest performances from Earnest Pugh, Tommye Young-West and Beverly Crawford.

Straight Gate Mass C

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