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Anthony Brown Drops Call To Action Video

Anthony Brown releases moving visual directed by Daniel Bowie for current single, "Call to Action." The video and song message unifying all people for the betterment of the world right now and generations to follow.  

"The recent killings of unarmed people of color sent me through a range of emotions. I sat in utter shock and disbelief while watching the senseless killing of George Floyd. What was even worse to me was to see the wide range of responses and thoughts of so many of my fellow Americans who couldn’t feel the hurt and pain because their lives are so far removed from the realities of racism, bigotry, and social injustice that exist in our country. With tears in my eyes, I sat at the piano and sang my response. Call to action is not just for people of color. It’s bigger than political party. It’s bigger than gender or region. This song is about unifying ALL of us for the purpose of seeing the world we live in better for those of us in it right now and better for the generations to follow. We can’t sit on the sidelines. We all have to get in the fight for human decency, morals, and the value of human lives...whatever color they may be. This is a call to action!" says Anthony Brown. 

"Call to Action" is on the upcoming album, Stuck in the House: The Pandemic Project available November 6 and available for pre-order now. 

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