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On Tour with Mississippi Mass Choir in Spain

As promised, The Mississippi Mass Choir decided to grant us an all access pass as they embark upon their 2012 tour of Spain.  Our trusty tour guide and MMC Social Media and Communications Guru Daniel James gives us the following report:

Hola y Bienvenidos (Hello and Welcome).  Thanks for joining us on our MMC 2012 tour of Spain. As we are well known for  southern hospitality, we will do our best to make sure that you find everything to your liking.  Let’s begin the recap.  After an 8 hour flight, we landed safely in Madrid, thanked the Lord for traveling mercies, gathered our bags and headed to the bus for a 4 hour ride to Pamplona.  Imagine exchanging warm and sunny 80 degree weather in Jackson, Mississippi for the winds and chills of 35 degree weather in Madrid?!?!   Undeterred, we boarded the bus and began to make our way.  There is a great spirit of  camaraderie amongst the members of Mississippi Mass and we are grateful for the opportunity to share the song that God has given us with the world.

We stopped at a diner along the way and had a sumptuous meal of steak, french fries, ham and grilled cheese sandwiches.  We arrived at the hotel in time enough to get checked in and take some photos before retiring for the evening.  Tomorrow will be our first rehearsal and sound check before a performance at the Baluarte. Conference Centre and Auditorium of Navarre.  Well as its night here, we’re going to settle in and call it a night.  Check back with gospelflava for more tomorrow.


As Christians we are known by our love for our brothers and sisters, but as members of MMC, the t-shirts are a dead giveaway.  We are proud to be MMC.

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