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New Track From San Franklin

Her voice is becoming an undeniable force among Gospel music’s most noted circle of female Gospel artists. Her debut solo album THE FREE PROJECT has made evident her incredible vocal arranging skill, prolific songwriting ability, and anointed delivery and performance. San Franklin has stepped into her season.
San released her 15-track body of work THE FREE PROJECT in 2020 via Enon Music Group, The Orchard, and Sony Music. The album chronicles her trials and triumphs and ambition to inspire and lead people to the freedom and liberty that Christ offers. In follow-up to her successful single “Set My Feet”, San is now releasing “I Choose Free” to Gospel Radio.
Dr. Garland “Miche” Waller, Vice President of Enon Music Group says, “San Franklin is a rare jewel and I Choose Free is a defining song that she conveys with both passion and power. I Choose Free is going to be an anthem and an emblem of liberty for so many people.”

“I Choose Free” is ingeniously produced but what is extraordinary and profound about this song are the lyrics. The lyrics urge the listener to ruminate on current or potential situations that might have them bound, in turn, actively choose and fight to be free.
“You see a chance to escape from your prison wall, but you’re scared of the other side. Do you be brave and take a chance on something never felt before or do you die once more and again.
I’m not asking for much or for what’s foreign to have. I’m not seeking for such of something I cannot grab. But what I am fighting for is what I choose to be, and from this moment on I choose free.”
“San Franklin is one of the best to do it hands down,” says Blacksmoke Music Worldwide CEO Kerry Douglas. “San soars to higher heights on I Choose Free to deliver a message that the world has been waiting to hear.”
“San Franklin guides us on the personal path to freedom on this track,” says Robyn McCollum, Program Director of Black Gospel Radio. “I Choose Free is a singable melody that presents a powerful message of liberty from those things that may have you bound.”

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