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It's Personal – Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell
It’s Personal
For more than a decade she’s been one half of the multi-platinum selling sister duo Mary Mary with her sister Erica Campbell. Now Tina Campbell has stepped onto the solo stage with her debut album, It’s Personal.

For years Mary Mary fans have marveled at the chemistry and luscious melodies the two sisters created on albums and live performances. While both voices compliment each other, Erica and Tina each have a unique style, delivering power that fans knew and loved.

CDAfter enduring a public heartbreak in her family as seen on their hit weTVreality show, “Mary Mary”, Tina now brings a musical download straight from heaven’s gates. “It’s Personal” is a befitting title for one of the most transparent artist and testimonies to come forth in Gospel music in a while. Although there was an unknown delay in the release of the digital-only album, that didn’t stop fans from supporting and breaking the records. With no official release date, no marketing plan, no single released, and no pre orders, It’s Personal shot straight to #1 on the iTunes Gospel and Top 200 charts. Once fans realized the album was available, many took to social media to spread the word about one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

Tina takes listeners through a worship and praise experience and shows her individuality. From the sincerity of “Only Jesus Did It”, the foot stomping “Speak The Word”, and the treadmill street anthem, ” Life”, the album offers something for everybody.

Perhaps the most talked about single from the album is the song “Destiny”, which listeners were introduced to on Mary Mary’s reality TV show. The song chronicles Tina’s journey, which led to the birthing of this great album.

Guest artist on this album include Stevie Wonder, Teddy Campbell, and Honey Atkins.

There’s no doubt that It’s Personal defied the odds both musically and professionally. Industry analyst are marveling at the fact that an album that had no promotional plan, no single at radio stations, and that was initially only available on one digital media outlet, pulled in such strong numbers and continues to do heavy damage on the Billboard Gospel charts.

With the success of It’s Personal, fans are excited to see what’s next for Tina as she continues to promote the album.

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Production: Various
album release date: June, 2015
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