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Chico Robinson Delivers Glory Day

Critically acclaimed choir Chico Robinson and God’s Chosen (GC) deliver hope via the medium of music for the people in Glory Day, their inaugural nationally distributed offering through Enon Music Group. EMG VP Garland Miche Waller adds, “This is the record. All of the elements are in place and the whole record is crafted to take the ministry of Chico Robinson and GC into all the world to carry the message that Jesus brings hope.”

“We are God’s Chosen. GC has been called to action for such a time as this and we are ready to answer the call ”, states the Philly born pastor, teacher, songwriter, musician and ministry gift. “ The group received a formidable reception with the release of their first radio single God’s Been Good. This record is a testament to our faith in God and triumph even in the midst of great trials. The road has been rough, but with God On our side, our expectation is that we have what we decree and Better is HERE.”

We readily embrace our mission, and that is to do whatever it takes to please God, to reach the lost at any cost” “We know that we are called by God to carry his message to the nations, and we take our job seriously.” In addition to recording music that touches the hearts of people by ministering the heart of God, Robinson has enlisted some uniquely gifted minstrels on this recording, including Brittany Wright, Tia Sharee, PJ Edmond and Yolanda Yoli DeBerry. “There is definitely something for everyone here, for every taste and particular liking, but know this, it all points to the cross. We want you to get the message that every note sung and played, its all about Jesus.”

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