Deitrick Haddon

Deitrick Haddon
7 Days

Since the mid 90s, Deitrick Haddon has cemented himself as one of gospel's most exciting urban contemporary male vocalists.

With a string of hits that span a decade, Haddon submits 7 Days, a fifteen-track set that could in fact be the defining release of his career. It features some of the best work to ever enter his discography.

CD Haddon took several major leaps as part of this project, and it has paid off better than a game show jackpot. (Deal or No Deal?) Perhaps the most notable change took place in his production team. Haddon, who generally handles the bulk of the production responsibilities, opted to produce only four of the album's fifteen cuts, turning over the preponderance of the task instead to the very capable hands of Tim Kelley and Bob Robinson, otherwise known as Tim & Bob, or The Funktwons.

This famed musical tandem's production credits range from Earth, Wind, and Fire and Madonna to Sisqo and Destiny's Child. This incredible duo leaves their indelible imprint on this effort, penning nine songs that have their trademark touch.

One look at the title track tells the story as Haddon uses the intro to speak to God's creation process, while the full-length song speaks to the beauty of God's daily love.

7 Days
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Haddon branches into new territory with the soulful and socially relevant "Heaven Knows" which offers candid insight on national issues ranging from the war on terror to racial inequality.

In addition, Haddon toys with several hot samples on tracks like the infectious "Count Your Blessings" and "Don't Go", featuring the DeBarge sample "Stay With Me". Haddon's family joins the fray as his brother Gerald Haddon assists with production while wife Damita adds her trademark vocals to the set.

7 Days is easily the culmination of a decade of hard work for Haddon. New production, progressive vocals, and songwriting depth all are copiously evident in this body of work.

The end result is a project that showcases Haddon's true musical depth both as a songwriter and a vocalist while establishing his platform as an effective music minister.

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Production: Deitrick Haddon, Tim & Bob, Gerald Haddon
album release date: October 10, 2006
Verity Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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