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Bryan Popin Returns With Such A Time As This

Bryan Popin ministers words of life with the release of his new single, Such A Time As This, impacting radio across the country. “This song was born through a very confusing time in my life,” Popin stated. “I’ve felt what so many people feel, but don’t always say – one moment you experience favor and a blessing you don’t deserve, then the next you are so beat down you feel like it’s all over. But Bryan Popinthank God, something or someone comes along to remind you that God has placed you exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment, at this exact time! This IS your time; this IS your moment and He’s with you through it all – He’s not giving up on you even when we give up on yourself. I’m learning sometimes it’s just another chapter to the story.”

“Such A Time As This,” is available now on iTunes and all digital outlets. It is the first single to follow the critically acclaimed project, I Can Make It. Popin’s new album is slated to release later this year on his joint venture imprint label, Little Boy Wonder Music | Flaydo Music.
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