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Exodus: Three Seventeen

It's a special moment to find a female vocalist who can successfully balance singing, rapping, and effective songwriting into a solid presentation. Yunek does it all. A gifted vocalist and songwriter, she willingly shares her story in her debut project titled Exodus: Three Seventeen.

The sixteen track effort travels to a place of transparency rarely seen in the industry, blending relevant tracks with authentic lyrics that touch issues that are often left unaddressed.

CD The Houston native leans on production from Michael "Kanvaz" Walker, Jr., who handles the bulk of the work for this effort. She also reaches out to Drathoven (whose production credits include Shei Atkins and Gary Mayes & Nu Era) to put his touch on the honest ballad "Missing You", where Yunek expresses the pain of missing a mate who has gone away.

The power of this project is found in its lyrical content, as the vocalist presents music that goes outside of the church and addresses life's issues. From the love-driven "Have You Ever", which addresses the pain of unrequited and unbalanced love, to the enduring and assuring jam "Till The End", Yunek boldly addresses life from a holistic and healthy perspective.

Her refreshing approach to dealing with those struggling with homosexuality is a blueprint for many to follow, as is evidenced on the tracks "Real Love" and "On Fire". In these tracks, she addresses her personal struggle with homosexuality and how she overcame that lifestyle. Likewise, she also addresses sound and effective ways for believers to show love rather than persecution to those struggling with alternative lifestyles. From premarital sex to Christian commitment, "Straddle The Fence" and its hidden remix, address issues of compromise, with encouragement to stand strong for Christ.

The common thread amongst all of Yunek's presentations is an authentic love and commitment to Christ. From the creative "Lean On Christ", an interpretation of the classic "Lean On Me", to the powerful "Love Song", Yunek boldly declares her love for Christ and her full dependency upon Him.

Sixteen tracks deep, Yunek offers a debut album laced with reality-based lyrics that touch every area of life. The lyrical strength of the album alone makes Exodus Three: Seventeen a worthy candidate to join your musical collection.

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Production: Michael Walker Jr, Shawn George, Drathoven
album release date: April, 2009
Milk & Honey

— review and interview by Gerard Bonner

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