Princess Cut

She's back. The gritty Dirty-South emcee Tragedy returns with Princess Cut, a release chock full of ministry to females (girls and women alike) with hot beats, dope flows and that raw Tragedy heat.

CDFellow SGR members guest on "This Life Of Mine", a nice piece featuring each rapper spitting fire over a simple, but potent beat. On "Dear John", Tragedy shows her heart and her softer side with a smooth organ and an acoustic guitar serving a melodic gem. She writes to her future husband (whom she hasnít yet met), and assures him that God has healed her of the pain from past relationships, and that she is now ready for the man that God has for her.

Tragedy has only one way to deliver her message —raw and real. With love. The title track is a mid-tempo banger dedicated to young ladies who have grown up and done well in life, and also to young girls who are trying to grow up too quick.

The music and beat are perfect for "Video Vixen", an ode to a girl who would do anything to get to the top of the entertainment industry.

Get ready to dance while pondering whatís happening in society with "What's Goin On". Son Zu sings the hook and does his best Marvin Gaye/ Pharell impression, while Big Nate delivers some dancehall flavor.

The chilled R&P flavored "Fatal Attraction" is a vivid telling of dangerous and ungodly bliss.

Other songs to check out are the jamminí "Good Time" featuring Shei Atkins and the clever "Louisiana Purchase".

Tragedy wreaks havoc on fleshly forces while ministering to the total man —or woman, in this case. Princess Cut is a force to be reckoned with.

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Production: SGR
album release date: July, 2006
SGR Music

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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