George Dickens & The Gospel Disciples
Since I’ve Been Changed

George Dickens & The Gospel Disciples bring their polished quartet vocal glides to the table on Determined. The SIC Records group makes an impressive outing with their combined richness of both vocals and music on this generous 16-track project.

Consisting of five vocalists (George Dickens Sr., George Dickens Jr., Anthony Dickens, Bruce Dickens, Johnny Harper) plus David Dickens, Kevin Dickens and Nebraska Hinnant on instruments (mostly), this is a closely knit family-based collective that is on level with the best in the genre.

CDThe warmth of the Hammond B3, swirling and moving underneath the group’s slowly rendered, close harmonies on “Grace” makes it an album high point. On the flip side, “Bless Me”, with its deep, soulful groove, competes for that status.

The group mixes it up when comes to lead vocal duties. George Dickens Jr. takes control of his own composition “Weeping”, adding his controlled wail to the cut. George Dickens Sr. sings on many of the songs, with the driving “I Never Gave Up” and “One Of These Days” being good examples of the diversity of styles he brings.

Songs that will grab radio are “Just Another Christian”, with its never-quit drive and impassioned solo power from both David and George Jr., and the slowly-unfolding “Father”, a richly harmonized ballad that tells of God’s intense love for us, as expressed on Calvary. Anthony and George Jr. weave their vocals over the Gospel Disciples' tight chorus.

Anthony Dickens takes front mic on “Like He Did Before”, and also contributes to several traded leads on the album. The album concludes with three Christmas songs, done their way.

Take note, this is not one of those “2 hit wonder” albums. Far from it. In fact, the further you dig into the project, the more depth of material you discover. Just like climbing Mount Everest, you keep on thinking you’ve reached the top until you turn the next corner and see that things go up even higher.

Make a point of putting George Dickens & The Gospel Disciples on your “must get” list. Because you simply must get it.

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Producer: George Dickens Jr., Anthony Dickens
album release date: December 2003
SIC Records

— review by Stan North

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