Juan Winans and Carvin Winans Jr.
Starring in Unshakeable Faith

Never ones to be resting, Winans Phase 2 members Juan Winans and Carvin Winans Jr. are now actively involved as actors in an upcoming video presentation from Goodbook Productions, a company created by a Chicago-born musician turned Malibu attorney/scholar, Douglas W. Davis.

Juan Winans, Carvin Winans Jr. and Adam Vanni on setExecutive producers Davis along with Howard Stover Jr. and Vincent Williams have tapped Mykelti Williamson (known for his portrayal of "Bubba" in the Tom Hanks film Forest Gump, as well as his starring role in Boomtown for NBC), to produce the feature, titled Unshakeable Faith. Mojave Brown handles the director's role.

Unshakeable Faith is an old story revised for the times. Based on the Old Testament history of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from over 3,000 years ago, it is a direct-to-video 30 minute movie shot on digital video in Los Angeles circa 2002. It is the story of right from wrong, of good and evil, a classic morality tale which, given today's events, is long overdue.

The First Family of Gospel has lent their talent once again, with Juan Winans and Carvin Winans Jr. along with newcomer Adam Vanni making their screen debut. The three play high school students tempted by, as fate would have it, the devil himself. But our heroes, through racial unity and the love of God, are too smart and too honorable to be swayed by such a fiendish master of a material world.

Goodbook Productions' Stover describes it as "something to be watched by families together so the point can be captured by old and young alike." He went on to explain to Gospelflava.com that the production is aimed towards "Christians who understand the Word and don't want it watered down for mass consumption. Our aim is to market the product On the set of Unshakeable Faithdirect to video directly to churches and their parishioners thereby avoiding the censorship imminent within the TV network structure as well as within normal distribution channels."

As for the question of music, Stover tantalizingly stated that the video screenplay would feature new music from members of The Winans family, although there are no firm plans for a separate release of a stand-alone soundtrack.

Stover also announced that Unshakeable Faith is intended to the first of several such videos that Goodbook Productions has up their collective sleeves, and that members of The Winans are slated to be involved in subsequent productions as well.

Below are several behind-the-scenes shots taken from the production of Unshakeable Faith.

Carvin Winans Jr. and Juan Winans taking a break

On the set of Unshakeable Faith

On the set of Unshakeable Faith

Juan Winans, Carvin Winans, Carvin Winans Jr.

Exec. Producer Howard Stover Jr. with Carvin Winans and Carvin Winans Jr.

Carvin Winans Jr. taking a break from shooting

Ana Fiehl with Adam Vannie, Juan Winans and Carvin Winans Jr.

Carvin Winans Jr., Tom Todorof and Juan Winans

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